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Bolted steel tanks

Storage: bolted tank

Bolted steel tanks are constructed from steel panels fixed together by means of bolts.

LLC "Absolut"пїЅ is offering such services as selling and installing bolted tanks in a number of countries:

Our company has a rich experience of working with and recommendations from large international companies like Heineken, Wimm Bill Dann, Nokian Tyres and others.

Advantages of bolted steel reservoirs:


Spheres of applications of bolted tanks:

Storage options:

The technology

Steel panels of bolted tank

Erection of bolted steel tanks is a new technology whose safety had been successfully proven for the years of its existence. The technology allows to produce more corrosion resistant tanks compared to welded tanks. Welding seams turned out to be the source of corrosion of steel tanks. Usage of bolts allows to increase corrosion resistance and enlarge durability of the whole construction.

Bolts allow to reduce production costs, for example: welded tank should have metal at least 3mm thick, and it is 1,5mm for bolted tanks.

90% in-shop production provides higher quality and durability of the product.

Tank panels can be delivered by any cargo carrier without additional hard machinery thus reducing transportation expenses and making our product more available for customers.

Where to buy our tanks?

LLC "Absolut" is a manufacturer and installer of tanks. We perform installation works everywhere in Europe, Asia and Africa.

We work in such countries as:

When you choose us you choose premium quality of works and services.